Patients & App Users

App Users Feedback

“It would be useful to take with me when I see the consultant or GP it would help as they can be pretty thick at noticing when things are not good…”

“I thought more about what I was doing to cause them [aches and pains], and what I could do differently to minimise them.”

“Useful tool during initial diagnosis of a condition, also helpful while experimenting with new medications to find an appropriate means of pain control”

“I wish I had this during and prior to my initial diagnosis and while the doctors were trying to sort out appropriate medications and treatment”

App users via CLASH 2012, Arthritis Support group (MSK)

“The app was very easy to use and I would definitely use it on a permanent basis if it were available.  I have been keeping my own pain diary for some time and found the 'dial' system of assessing pain more useful than assigning a number. Many patients with chronic pain do not get to see their doctors very often (I personally haven't seen my pain consultant since last June) so self-management is vital.  By accessing the tracking of pain levels over certain periods, a week or a month, the user would be able to identify patterns themselves and try to accommodate those in between hospital appointments.”

App user via Pain Alliance NI

"It couldn't be more user friendly, totally easy and quick to use, which for me is vital as life is so busy, so to encourage people to participate in the app I think it should be as quick and easy to use as possible so it won't seem onerous. Is the idea that if you use it daily, a report would be able to be produced to show patterns/trends at different times of the month - i.e. to compare month on month. That for me would be really interesting - for example every month my pain is less in the week before my period, therefore indicating there might be a hormonal link (but no one has explored that so far). If it could be proved that this is the same for many patients, then surely a hormonal study of what happens in that week would be useful to see if hormones could be given to replicate that 'good week' every week!”

App user via Pelvic Pain Support Network