Time is your greatest asset. Patients can download apps from popular  app stores and start recording data using logon details from their healthcare provider. Quickly report details that may be relevant to their health and care, while reducing the burden of recalling sequences of events at appointments.



Healthcare professionals can securely logon to their private TIYGA™ dashboard to manage anonymised patient accounts and review patient self-report data when convenient. Patients use anonymised accounts that can be de-activated if their device is lost. Data is stored in the UK.



TIYGA™ apps are designed for ease of use, making them acceptable to infrequent users of technology. In a few seconds, report how you feel or speak your own comments in the free text notes. Apps require minimal effort to capture how people are feeling – the good times and the bad.


TIYGA™ is better than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our apps are configurable, personalizable and tailored to suit the individual and their needs. Symptoms and activities are tailored to each person. Healthcare providers can add or remove fields based on the individual’s progress and outcomes.